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✓ Peppermint oil is a long-established traditional repellent for rodents and insects.

✓ Our company has made it even more effective with an all-natural formula to boost the power of the peppermint.

✓ Mice and rats hate the scent of peppermint! Our essential blends overpower their sensitive sense of smell.

✓ Insects can detect specific scents via odorant receptors in their bodies. 

✓ The stronger the smell the stronger the repellent power, so refresh regularly and apply more frequently outdoors than indoors to maintain the scent.

✓ Menthol has biocidal properties and is effective at controlling mites, mosquito larvae, and various other pests.

✓ Real Peppermint (Mentha Piperita), the type we use in our Mighty Mint products, is the type of mint established as the effective – not Mentha Arvensis which is commonly substituted as a low cost imported alternative sometimes labeled as “Peppermint” but it's not the real thing. 

✓ Because of its history as a flavoring agent, peppermint and peppermint oil are considered safe when used properly.